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Not Your Grandma’s Photo Booth, Unless Grandma’s Totally with It!

November 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

Not Your Grandma’s Photo Booth, Unless Grandma’s Totally with It!

Did you know that the first ever photo booth was patented over a hundred years ago, in 1889? It’s true! But the concept of the photo booth didn’t really take off for another 36 years, and to say the least, it wasn’t exactly high-tech. In fact, it took a full ten minutes to deliver just eight pictures. Your Grandma probably remembers photo booths that were a little faster. Back in the day, they were commonplace in shopping malls and county fairs, and you could get a strip of photos generated in considerably less time – five minutes, usually! Of course you were limited to black and white, and if you weren’t totally ready when the shot was taken, the results could be pretty hilarious.




The 21st Century Photo Booth

To say the least, your Grandma’s photo booth has undergone a lot of changes. Today, photo booths are digital, and the image quality is far superior to what it was in the olden days. That’s why everyone is excited about modern photo booths, and why they’re becoming ubiquitous at weddings, parties, conventions and other events. Affordable photo booth rentals are commonplace, and they can really liven things up.

In days gone by, photo booths were incredibly bulky, and it could take literally days to pack them up, move them, set them up at the venue, and then take the whole thing down once the event was over. Today’s photo booths don’t weigh much, and they’re remarkably portable. In fact, you can transport them in an ordinary half-ton truck, or even an SUV. And there’s nothing old-fashioned about them. They’re super high-tech, and guaranteed to please the younger crowd, and even your incredibly with-it Grandma!


No More “Blah” Images

Along with the bulky photo booths of the past, the dull, boring images are gone. Let’s face it – Grandma and her young friends want something better, something new and exciting. That means animated GIFs that can be used as profile images on social media, or avatars in online games. They also want features like slow-motion video clips that can be shared on the web. Today’s affordable photo booth rentals offer all that and more. You can instantly share your images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites without having to worry about external storage. You can also send images via email or instant messaging. Customizable borders and add-on images are standard, so your only limit is your own creativity.


Fun for Everyone

If you’re having a party, a wedding, or some other event in the Napa area, a photo booth rental is one of the best ways to guarantee a ton of fun. Your photo booth provider looks after all the setup and dismantling, so all you have to do is enjoy. Even the shyest people tend to come out of their shell when experimenting with backdrops and props, and you can bet that their Facebook friends are going to be a lot more interested in fun, fanciful photo booth images than they are in a picture of breakfast.



Everything Old Is New

Just imagine – a hundred plus years since the debut of the photo booth. And today it’s just as popular as it ever was, but so much better. The principle is the same – you get your picture taken without the need of a photographer. But oh, the difference in the pictures! Why not rent a photo booth for your party or wedding? Your guests will love it, and you’ll have great images to keep and share. Photo booth rentals are very affordable, and even more fun than they were back in 1889!


DIY Wedding – Good Idea, or Fuggedaboudit?

November 11, 2015  •  4 Comments

DIY Wedding – Good Idea, or Fuggedaboudit?


With the high cost of weddings these days, more and more couples are choosing the DIY route, at least in part. But can you really do it yourself and have a memorable wedding without breaking the bank? You can, if you’re prepared to put your nose to the grindstone and look after some of the details yourself. Of course it’s easy to get bogged down if you try to do too much yourself, so with that in mind, here are six great tips for a DIY wedding that will save you money, and might even be fun!


DIY wedding techniques and strategyDIY wedding techniques and strategy


  1. Hire a Wedding Planner

I know, that sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but here’s the thing – you don’t need the planner for the duration. Just consulting a pro in the early stages can save you money in the long run, because they have access to all kinds of discounts that you don’t know about. They’re also a great source of ideas, and can even recommend DIY options that you may not have considered.



  1. Start With the Basics

The two things you need to consider right from the beginning are your budget and your guest list. You’re going to have to consider how much you’re going to spend on things like flowers, decorations, the dinner and reception, invitations and more. You may find that as you start to tally up the cost, your guest list might shrink proportionally, so decide from the get-go if you really need to have all the cousins on both sides of the family in attendance.



  1. Book the Venue Early

If you’re using a wedding planner, you don’t have to worry about booking the venue – he or she will do it for you. If you’re doing it yourself, though, decide on a venue and book right away. Many venues are booked a year or more in advance, and you don’t want to be disappointed. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have alternate arrangements in place in case of inclement weather.


Reserve your wedding venueReserve your wedding venueWedding venue under a marquee with decorated tables and chairs draped in white linen around a central pole supporting the canvas



  1. Make Your Own Invitations

There are all kinds of online sites that offer free templates for wedding invitations. Unless you’re inviting a hundred or more people, this can save you a lot of money in printing costs. Please resist the temptation to send invitations via email, though – it’s just tacky!




  1. The Wedding Dinner


Wedding dinner DIYWedding dinner DIYCouple having dinner in a restaurant


Is there really such a thing as a DIY wedding dinner? There can be, but make sure you handle it correctly. I know one bride who decided she could do a wedding dinner at no cost – she’d have a potluck! Her bridesmaids and the groomsmen, along with an assortment of relatives on either side, would each provide a dish. It was a great idea, but it failed in the execution – she ended up with a table loaded with Jell-o molds and potato salad, a slow cooker full of meatballs, and a selection of cold cuts. So if you’re going with a wedding potluck, make sure that you ask “Can you bring [insert name of dish here],” and record who’s bringing what.



  1. Plan Your Entertainment

There’s no reason why you can’t have Cousin Bob provide DJ service for your reception, provided he’s a pro. Otherwise, hire one.

One great trend in wedding entertainment these days is photo booths. They’ve come a long way from the booths of the past. Most now offer video capability, and a lot of fun props. Wedding photo booth rentals in the Napa area are affordable, and you can bet you’ll end up with a collection of fun shots that your regular wedding photographer won’t be able to capture.


Our big day wedding eventOur big day wedding event



A Final Word

If you’re considering a DIY wedding, don’t let it overwhelm you. Do what you can, and leave the rest to the pros. Remember, your special day is a celebration of your love for each other – it’s not meant to be a stress-fest.


Combining Photo Booths and Social Media – Deadly, Funny, or Just Deadly Funny?

November 04, 2015  •  6 Comments


Combining Photo Booths and Social Media – Deadly, Funny, or Just Deadly Funny?




                                               old school photo booth rentalsold school photo booth



Let’s take it as a given that everyone loves sharing photos on social media. You know this, because your friends post pictures of their breakfast. If you’re of a certain age, you might remember the days when sharing pictures of your breakfast meant that you had to go get your camera, make sure that there was film in it, attach a flash, take the picture, take the film to a photo shop and wait at least 24 hours to get the picture back. Then you went around to all your friends’ houses to show them pictures of your breakfast! Or maybe you just went to a photo booth and got a strip of eight pictures of your breakfast that you could take to your friends’ houses.

Okay, I’m kidding. The point I’m trying to make (and I do have one!) is that today it’s so much easier to share photos than it was back then. You don’t have to fuss with cameras anymore; you just use your iPhone. And the photo booth? Well, it’s a thing of the past. Or is it?


Social Media and Modern Photo Booths

Photo booths are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. You see them everywhere nowadays – at parties, conventions, and even weddings. In fact, wedding photo booth rentals are big business now, and with good reason. First of all, they’re fun! Wedding guests can use all kinds of props provided by the rental both provider to take pictures that don’t typically happen in the normal course of things. Sure, your wedding photographer is going to take great shots of the bride and groom, the attendants and the family members, but he or she is not likely to capture the fun things that make a wedding such a joyous celebration. With a photo booth rental, guests can take all kinds of candid shots, view them in the booth, and then immediately upload them to social media. Some of these shots can be absolutely hilarious!


A Word of Caution

I should mention, though, that sometimes people get a little carried away at various celebrations, and weddings have been known not just to cement the relationship between the bride and groom, but to completely destroy them among some of the attendees. You’ve heard the stories – the married best man is caught in flagrante delicto with the married matron of honor, and the thing is, they’re not married to each other. Fortunately, with modern photo booths, you can pick and choose what gets out there. You can print what you like, not print what you don’t like, and select what you want to upload to your social media sites or email to friends.



Guests can post or tweet what they want, and you can also choose what ends up on your site or in your album. You can also customize albums, and choose who gets to see them. For instance, you could create an album called “Wedding Photos” and upload it for all to see. Or, you could create one called “Candid Wedding Photos” and choose the recipients. It’s all fully customizable.


  Photo book with social media upload capabilityPhoto booth and social mediaFacebook Pintrest and Instagram photo booth images


The Final Word

From the foregoing, you can tell that photo booth shots at your wedding or other event can be pretty funny. They can also be deadly. Or just deadly funny. Caution is key. So think about what you want to share, and who you want to share it with. With modern photo booths, you can post your pics immediately, or think about it for a while. It’s up to you. Oh and by the way? If you want to post a shot of the wedding breakfast, far be it from me to stop you.


Fabdrops, a wrinkle free solution

January 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

Well we do, and i’ll tell you from experience, these backdrops are top notch! For sometime now we had been searching for wrinkle free, awesome print quality, true color representation, smudge free backdrops. For those of you who have experience shooting with backdrops know what i mean when i say smudge free... I was recently given the opportunity to review an awesome product from FabDrops, now my favorite backdrop provider.  
                                     Sybex Booths back drops bay area photo booths
Fabdrops offers a wide range of backdrop solutions for any occasion whether your interested in glamour or fashion style shoots all the way to casual holiday Christmas portraits! We use them for many different applications here at our studio in Emeryville. I must admit that before using Fabdrops, we were looking for a plug and play drop for our photo booth canopy which measures exactly 5x7 sq ft all around. Fabdrops was the only backdrop provider we could find that would match our desired dimensions. Thanks Fabdrops!    
                   Wedding photo booths in the bay areaSybex booths back drops
That’s right! No longer do you have to bring an iron to your shoots! Fabdrops fabulous material offers a wrinkle free solution. For a few extra bucks, you can go with the Fab Material and save yourself a lot of headaches. “A revolutionary fabric made of heavyweight wrinkle free sweatshirt like knit material” makes for an amazing product that helps eliminate those unwanted shadows. These backdrops have not only saved us countless hours during the setup process but also helped us eliminate any unwanted hotspots from our strobes and florescent lights. Even light distribution has never been easier.
Best photo booths in san francisco
Nothing makes me happier than having a product that gets the job done. With that said, Fabdrops has been a tremendous help and improvement over our last backdrop provider. Once you try Fabdrops you’ll never look back.
unique photo booths                                                                     stylish photo booths in san francisco                                       


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